About Us


Carlos Almazo

Carlos finished a psychology degree in Colombia. He started working in Loving Care in 2005 as a dog bather, dog walker and grooming assistant. He graduated in 2011 as a Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College.

He adopted Chloe from a customer and she was his inspiration to become a dog trainer. Carlos used his knowledge as a psychologist to improve Chloe's rebelious behavior.

He's a big fan of César Millán "The Dog Whisperer" and, he spent one week in California learning new techniques in Cesar's Way course. In 2015 he attended a one week dog training course in Salt Lake City with the recognized dog trainer Heather Beck; whom he learned new techniques and new ways to face difficult challenges with all types of dogs from.

Carlos is always looking forward to evolve, to sharpen his skills and improve his techniques. He's helping the community to find a perfect balance with their dogs, trying to avoid owners sending dogs to shelters or abandoning them. He helps you recognize that a dog is a huge commitment that allows you to enjoy his loyal companionship.


Rene Padron

For René, dogs have always been his life's passion, he has never been able to live without them. He graduated from Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in 2004. While studying, a natural talent related to his passion was found. Thanks to this he won several professional grooming contests.

René was trained by one of the best dog groomers in the United States, Lisa Leady, who has won various grooming awards throughout her career. Lisa won Animal Planet's reality show "Groomer Has It". René and Lisa worked together in several private lessons.

Standard Poodles are Rene's favorite breed to groom because they require a lot of talent and professionalism in order to reach the perfect cut. He compares his finished work on a Standard Pooddle with a completed art piece. Apart Standard Poodles, René really enjoys working with Terrier breeds.

He has trained and successfully formed good groomers. He's an expert with 12 years of experience working with all dog breeds, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Newfoundland.

His motivation? The satisfaction of getting a smile from the owners when they see their dogs groomed.

About Loving Care


Loving Care Pet Services was launched in 1998 as a dog walking business in Winnetka. Rocky and Claudia Flintermann, the former Loving Care owners, were devoted pet owners themselves, and understood the needs of their customers. Their attention to detail and the quality of care they provided helped the company grow rapidly. The grooming services were added in 2004, and The Ranch (the boarding and daycare facility) was added in 2006.

In May of 2016 after working for Rocky and Claudia for eleven years, Carlos and René came to an agreement to buy the company from them.

Ever since, the customers are happy that the new owners are still familiar with their pets and know how to fulfill their expectations. When it comes to the new customers that are not quite sure about what to do with their pets, Loving Care by Carlos and René is more than willing to guide them and do our best possible job, that will satisfy them and keep them coming back.

We made a few changes to the facility with the intention of it being more comfortable to the customers and their pets. And Loving Care is now more than ever committed to perform an excellent grooming and give a wonderful customer service.